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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Grumpy Cat

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 A poem about Grumpy the Cat.

Grumpy Cat


Grumpy by nature I am; Get out of my face or I’ll
Ruin your day in my own sour puss way.
Upset are you, well that’s my intention.
Make no mistake; I’m not cute, cuddly or furry, I'm no sweet little
Puss; I'm the real McCoy; what you see is what you get, mister.
Yes, I love to sleep and love my tuna.  I go
Crazy for catnip and bananas for a nap
And if you don’t like my frown you can kiss my
Tardy sauce paws; now kindly remove your nose off my keister!

 © Mary Aris. All rights reserved

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