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Monday, 14 October 2013

The Solace of Madness

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I am the grave robber who in the night
 Rummage through your feeble, frantic mind.
 Black fingers ripping cells with all its might,
 As you lay there like a zombie, dumb and blind.

 I am the thief that robs your pleasant dreams;
The frequent nightmare sifting through your brain.
With a sharp razor I'll shred your mind at the seams;
I'm the monster that chases you down the lane.

In agony your wretched soul does writhe
I seduce you and torture you all night.
You shiver as your manic mind I seize;
You will rage in agony; there's no respite.

 A zombie, you will walk through eternity
 Like the Jack-O-lantern with just a lump of coal--
 Your sole solace through the darnkness of insanity;
 Your mere solace for your sore, weary soul.

 You are my prisoner; I'm your destiny...
 From now on your mind is my property.

 © Mary Aris. All rights reserved,

Author Notes

There's nothing more horrifying than the loss of your own mind.  The only solace of madness is the light of psychiatry and psychology and Spiritual faith, which, like the light inside a Jack-O-Lantern, provides hope in the period of darkness and anarchy.

Pleasant dreams.  :-)

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