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Monday, 17 May 2010

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I have just published my new book, ' Bartholomew'. Bartholomew is a cute story about a real talking Bookworm called 'Bartholomew' who was born and live on a shelf at the William Wayne Public Library in Upstate, New York.

One day he was discovered by a little Spanish girl named Elena Marie Guzman as she was searching for a good book to read. Startled, she told her brother that there was a bug in the shelves. Her older brother teased her and didn't believe her....until he discovered the talking Bookworm for himself. Children's Librarian, Ms Duboi, annoyed that the children were making a rukus in her library came over to Charles Guzman and asked him what the problem was? Skeptical at first, Ms Dubois sent the noisy children home. But then, that very Evening she discovered the talking Bookworm between the shelves as she was shelving some books on her trolley. That same afternoon she had discovered an amazing rise to the children's circulation. Then, Ms Dubois had a great idea. She asked Bartholomew to be Story Time Mascot.

The children's Mother saw Bartholomew and screamed 'The library is full of bugs!' thus starting a rumor that the library was infested with bugs. Thus began a Riot which turned into a boycott and the William Wayne Public Library will never be the same again.

Here's a preview of the book on Lulu