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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Curse of Anna Greene

Winner of the 2010 NanoWrimo Competition

1298 Waltham Abbey

When a local Village boy is poisoned, the quiet Village of Waltham point a finger at the Greene Witch—the evil spawn of Gunter Greene. Against the admonition of Daniel Goode, the Magistrate, a lynch mob gathers at Waltham Abbey Church and go out to destroy the Greene Witch. The mob chases Anastasia deep into the heart of Epping Forest, stabbing her and her unborn child to death. Looking into their eyes with her emerald eyes, Anastasia places an evil curse on the Village—a curse so deadly that it wipes out half of Europe.
Told in flashback, the story spans several centuries— from the 13th to the 14th century up until the first half of the twentieth century. Fifteen-year-old Anastasia Ėmeraud Greene battles to discover her true identity. Growing up in Langon, France with her father, Günter Greene and Madeline Dupree—a woman whom her father kidnaps from the neighbouring village of Bordeaux to become his infant daughter’s wet nurse, young Anastasia feels isolated and demands to know who she really is. Who and where is her mother? Whom has she inherited her feisty personality and strange urges from? To her surprise, she discovers that she is the daughter of a powerful and sinister Warlock who is accused of kidnap, murder, rape and sodomy......not to mention sorcery both in France and England.

Her father is prosecuted by the Village’s most feared Magistrate, Daniel Goode—a respected pillar of the community who can recite the Vulgate backwards and stain even the purest of souls with one reproachful look of admonition. Günter Greene is sentenced to death by burning at the stake—a sentence so severe, it is reserved for only the most heinous of criminals and heretics. Fifteen- year-old Anastasia witnesses not only her father’s execution, but watches nearby as her twelve-year-old half-sister, Amethyst, is savagely beaten, raped and killed by a group of vigilante.

1926, Waltham Abbey:
Beatrice Brown, a theology student at Heythrop College, hopes to become a professor of theology one day. Her class is recently studying the historical case of the Greene Witch and the legend of the Curse of Anna Greene. When a new student walks into her class, Beatrice shares her text book with him and tells him all about the case of the Greene Witch. At the new student’s insistence, Beatrice shares a cup of tea with him. Soon Beatrice discovers that there is more to this new student than meets the eye......who is he and why does he pursue her?

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