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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Golden Pen

I have been writing poetry since I was six. It has always been a passion of mine. To me, a poet is like a photograph in words to describe emotions felt a while ago. The poet is like a photographer. The photographer works with cameras, lenses and snaps a shot of life which later, when developed becomes a photograph of the photographer's subject. Like the photographer, the poet uses figurative language, metaphores, and decorative words to 'snap' a picture of his subject that will become a poem for the world to see and share his views on a particular subject. The poem will become a permanent photograph of the feelings and personal observations of the poet.

My name is Mrs Mary Aris. This is my Author's Blog. I am known as the Golden Pen in

I have recently published a book of poems entitled, 'Melodies of the Heart'. It is published by Melodies of the Heart was a project I started back in 1999.

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Melody of the Heart is a collection of twenty-nine of my best poems on the subject of love.

Out now: Portraits of Life......fifty-three poems on an array of subjects. Buy now from

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