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Sunday, 11 November 2012

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In Memorium We Honour those Whose blood was Shed - The Golden Pen

Written Sep 23, 2008 © Mary Aris, All rights reserved

They were young servicemen of twenty-two
And on their suits they wore Red Badges of Courage….
Young men and women who gave their souls for glory
In the name of freedom; in the name of victory.

They spilled their guts over Germany
And in the havoc of the Vietnam War
They risked their lives in Afghanistan and Tripoli
And Death came knocking upon their door.

Today we honour such heroic deeds of valour
Though they are long gone, they will not be forgotten
As long as our flag waves over a country of Democracy
Their names will shine in splendor–
In Memoriam we honor our valiant servicemen
In our hearts there is a white carnation and poppey.
That will never fade.
We will gaze up to the heavens
and see their faces amongst the constellations
In Memoriam we honour Our valient Vetrans.

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