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Friday, 23 September 2011


Of all the seasons
I love autumn most of all...
The lovely essence of serenity...
Of watching nature's tale retold
By a lady dressed in gold;

I love to sit back and absorb
The splendor of the autumn dawn
And watch the beauty of October's sun
Cast deep shadows on the lawn.

Autumn gives off splendor
Fall leaves collapse on the ground
In shades of red, amber and crimson brown...
A kaleidoscope of brilliant colours---
Of multi-pattern hues.

Amidst the mums, pumpkins and gourds sits autumn’s queen
Reminiscing of her lost innocence,
Upon her throne of evergreens
Weaving a tapestry of reveries of younger days gone by!
When autumn’s beauty gives way to winter...

Autumn's beauty does fade and wither
Yet life goes on beyond the grave...
For even in the icy grip of death
Lies beauty and rebirth!

© Mary Aris, All rights reserved.

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