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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Perpetual Bliss

The night was an empty velvet canvas--
The moon, a budding artist in Gay Paris.
He painted a sheer line for some emphasis
With a few brushstrokes of his palette;

And dotted the blue midnight fabric
With a series of streak-like diamonds
Shining ever so brightly and mystique
Over shimmering , moonlit oceans;

Where the horizon melds with ocean
Upon such a romantic ambiance
Under a shining star in heaven
Two lovers came in Unison,
Caught in a web of sexy, sheer romance;

Pearls of sweat bathed our bodies
On that sensual Eve as we embraced
Merging as two colliding galaxies;
Beating in a crescendo, our hearts raced.

Our scent mingled with the essence
Of the salty, ocean breeze
speechless with the Evening's evanescence;
Begging this night will never cease;

The waves danced upon the ocean
Like sexy, sheer organza;
Likewise our bodies swayed on the horizon
Like silk, in a ballet extravaganza;

Mute by your beauty and sexiness
I am overwhelmed by your silken skin.
Sequestered by your dulcet essence,
My senses fail me as I hold your hand.

Lost forever in a sensuous kiss,
Our hearts entangled by this web of passion.
Ravished by this night of perpetual bliss;
Hoping this night won't fade into oblivion.

Mary Aris, All rights reserved

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